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We are a Community Relations and Nonprofit Consulting Firm located in Dothan, Alabama. We connect our corporate and nonprofit clients with opportunities to reach deep within the community to make a lasting impact. Our perfect match is a social entrepreneur, corporation or foundation that needs assistance in executing new community-focused initiatives such as out-of-the-box grant programs, employee volunteer projects, and more!


We make community involvement exciting for you and your team.

Precious Freeman, Managing Partner

Precious Freeman, Managing Partner


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We are trailblazers - known for pioneering projects with the goal of bringing communities together. We create impactful community initiatives, inspiring educational programs, and meaningful experiences for our clients and their stakeholders. We’re willing to think outside of the box and do whatever it takes to help move your community forward.

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BFC Management offers several services to keep your team excited and your initiatives met. From retreats to outreach, let us help you reach your goals. These are some of our current services:




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Blueprint City is designing a comprehensive plan to raise one united voice.

DOTHAN, AL. - April 25, 2017. Blueprint City is taking a holistic approach to confronting communities’ challenges by accessing how to meet and exceed the needs of the very citizens who bring life to those communities. Launched in October 2016 as a subsidiary of BFC Management, Blueprint City is quickly becoming recognized for developing realistic strategies focused on banding together cultures, programs and services that promote the greatest good. 

Having keenly identified: education, policing, civic, spiritual, business, and affordable housing as the six target areas by which it will improve its inaugural city of Dothan, AL., Blueprint City has forged robust strategic partnerships with more than 200 community leaders and over 25 civic groups. Since its inception, Blueprint City has made significant strides, among them: its policing component launched “Chat with a Cop” at DothanPD.Org to improve communications with residents and media outlets, and its spiritual component hosted the “Spring Supper” event where over 100 people of different spiritual backgrounds gathered together to share a meal.

“The mission is one community where the lines blur between districts, where we share in each other’s celebrations, concerns, cares.”- Precious Freeman, Co-Founder of Blueprint City

Blueprint City is forging ahead with its strategic plan to continually resolve issues facing Dothan, AL., while charting a successful strategy that can be implemented by other communities nationwide.

Some say that we do it all. I believe we do all that it takes to make our community better for our children.
— Precious Freeman, Managing Partner

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