nonprofit board retreats and trainings -$95 per person

An organization is only as good as its Board. That's why we believe that Board of Directors’ retreats are an essential action to develop your board’s key knowledge on the progress, goals and challenges of your nonprofit. Ice breakers centered on team-building skills, presentations from resourceful community stakeholders, public service education, and grant-writing tidbits are just some of what we offer you during these retreats.


Public Speaking Training - $75 per session

We want to eliminate any pressure you feel about speaking in public! Let us take your community-minded concept to the next level by preparing you to share your mission with others. Our training goes beyond the traditional “imagining everyone in their underwear” in order for you to feel comfortable giving speeches. We approach the “why” of your mission and help you connect it to how you describe your goals.  The more your community knows about your target initiative, the more you can grow your own objectives for the greatest impact in your community.


Educational Programming - call for pricing

Let us create or guide an essential educational programming package which provides a strong connection between your community and your initiative. We will help you compile programs which may include group presentations, field trips, and workshops, community building and social activities, information sessions and fairs. Let’s talk about it today.


Community Relations and Outreach - call for pricing

We are a corporation with a conscience. Our extensive research on community dynamics, demographics, race relations and culture give us an edge in developing your plan to enhance cultural outreach. We lead the way in inclusion campaigns that prompt results. We manage individual and corporate sponsorship solicitations. We can develop, design and direct comprehensive volunteer programs as well as identify worthwhile corporate giving campaigns. To sum it up, we plan and develop policies that promote good will.


Employee Relations and Development - call for pricing

Employee retention rates can always be better. Our aim is to ensure that your employees not only remain at your company, but that they also remain valuable to your mission through customized career-path training. Our employee relations and development programs enhance corporate communication and improve employee relationships and morale. We provide guidance in facilitating managers’ retreats, employee/family picnics, holiday gatherings, and other necessary “people-build” events for greater repertoire. Training includes information on soft skills, cultural empathy, and foundational mindsets.