About us


Our core values


We like how it feels when we do the right thing so we strive, each day, to avoid what’s wrong and do what’s right (even when no one else would know the difference).


We’ve grown because of our faith and the faith that others have had in us. So, we give back. We give our time, our influence, and our dollars to help others to grow, too.


We believe that our success is just a small part of a bigger puzzle called Community. We believe that we have not fully succeeded until our success contributes towards the overall betterment of the community in which we live.


We see every opportunity as a gift from God. Therefore, we do our best to show up to every opportunity as prepared as possible, ready to serve with knowledge, humility, and an open mind. We know that by doing this, we will grow our business which will help us to create opportunities for others.


We get the small things and take every detail seriously. We believe that doing a good job will keep us floating, but doing an excellent job will make us successful. That is why we try our best to operate at a high standard


We believe that all people were uniquely and equally created by God. We value diverse backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences and welcome them at our table.


We don’t simply live for today, but believe that our purpose and projects are meant to enhance the lives of generations to come. So, we make decisions that are considerate, sustainable, and life-giving. We attract clients who do the same.