Do you work with startup nonprofits?

Yes! Whether you've been working your mission for decades or are still trying to get it down on paper, we are here to help.  We've helped launch nonprofits all over the U.S. and would love to help bring your vision into reality!

How are you qualified to work with my nonprofit?

Not only do we have a heart and passion for volunteerism and friendraising, we also have the experience to back it up.  Since 2004, our managing partner - Precious Freeman - has worked as a change maker in the nonprofit industry.  Her experience ranges from building large capital campaigns to writing educational programming for her clients. For more info, click here

Does BFC Management write grants?

We offer grant writing services to our long term clients.  Grant writing is a tedious process and many are tempted to rush the process.  We ensure that our longterm clients are "grant ready" before we begin the process of writing programming and grants.  We have written and received approval on many grants for our clients.