BFC Management recognizes that brand development is the core of every organization.  Our corporate identity packages have been developed to align with various organizational objectives but most importantly, to help increase brand recognition.  These packages include: 

  • Logo Design 

  • Business Card Design 

  • Letterhead Design 

  • Envelope Design 

  • Brochure Design


BFC Management has extensive experience in assisting organizations with improving donor development.  Over the past several years, we have implemented successful techniques that can be used to attract and retain donors within your organization.  Additionally, we have a portfolio of innovative fundraising and membership programs to help grow and sustain your organization in the long-run.  




Executive Support Plans at BFC Management act as a contract between the organization and BFC management, who will provide on-site executive support. The extent of the support varies greatly depending on the size and scope of the organization.  For instance, small firms may require an executive support plans to assist with directorship duties, as well as filling other gaps while the organization restructures. Larger firms may simply need executive support assistance to help achieve a particular strategic objective.



BFC provides onsite program management services for organizations that need assistance with the implementation of major projects.  Onsite management includes hiring of staff, pre and post assessments, in addition to any other services deemed necessary  to ensure the successful completion of the program. 


BFC Management recognizes that developing programs can be tedious for any organization, which is why we seek to assist clients with overcoming the challenges of this process.  Once your vision and objectives have been determined and clearly communicated, BFC Management is capable of facilitating your program from the planning stage to implementation stage. 


Social Media Marketing is an essential tool for any organization today.  BFC Management can help you expand your business by creating a strong social media presence which will, in turn, increase brand awareness and brand loyalty.  Our team has extensive experience in multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 


BFC Management can help you to expand your organization through strategic planning. Whether your organization isin the start up phase or would like to re-brand, our team understands the various phases that organizations go through.  Our strategic planning process involves an assessment of the organization's objectives, current operating state and periodic evaluations during implementation. 

Community relations specialists are responsible for developing and implementing community outreach programs including social & community awareness incentives. They work with the organization to create programs that promote the organization’s image in a positive and community-oriented way.

- Public Relations Society of America